A487 Newgale Road – SBG summary of Adaptation Plan

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Solva Business Group summary of Adaption plan.

PCC has now summarised the responses to the initial consultation (32 emails, 2 letters and 1 letter to the paper!) and have produced the Newgale Adaptation Plan for everyone to comment on.
This details 7 Objectives, the most significant of which identifies Newgale as being within the National Park (NP). It states where there is a conflict between conservation and the duty of the NP to foster the economic and social well-being of local communities, then legislation requires that greater weight is attached to the primary purpose of conservation! There follows 6 action points, these actions include:
· Identifying the properties at risk from flooding/erosion/increased traffic nuisance.
· Development of community flood risk plan
· Improvement to the current diversion route
· Continue to manage the shingle bank until there is another scheme in place
· Ongoing community engagement – create website and nominate a specific contact in PCC.
The Adaptation Plan is on PCC website and they welcome comments from anyone at anytime. SBG would like to add that the importance of the A487 Newgale Road, as the main artery supplying all of us who live on the peninsular, cannot be underestimated. Please let PCC know how important this issue is to us all.
darren.thomas@pembrokeshire.gov.uk and emyr.williams@pembrokeshire.gov.uk