Campaign to save Trecadwgan Farm – Update

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Six weeks of effort and consultation between campaigners and Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) were rewarded on Friday 12 July with a formal agreement to remove Trecadwgan Farm, from public auction. Considered attention from both Council officers and by members of the “Save Trecadwgan Farm” community group has ensured the successful signing of an agreement confirming the removal of the property from auction. The Community Group has now been offered the opportunity to construct proposals and a funding plan with a view to making an offer to purchase the property. The campaign group had galvanised support through leafleting, consultations, public meetings and raised over £50,000, as requested by PCC, within just a few short weeks. Negotiations with PCC steadily progressed and were satisfied on Friday with the above mentioned signing of the agreement.
Supported by Solva Community Council, Solva residents and those from further afield, who recognise the potential of Trecadwgan Farm to be once again at the heart of the community, this agreement is a first triumph in achieving a collective vision for the property as a working farm. As expressed by Gerald Miles, this is a chance for “growing and serving food, for the community, with the community”. Further support included letters to PCC by MP Stephen Crabb, AMs Elunded Morgan and Joyce Watson, including mentions in the Senedd to highlight the importance of this
project on a local, regional and even wider basis.
If all goes to plan the farm will be a place of enterprise, ecological farming, artisan crafts, employment, education, an opportunity to promote local health and well-being and of food production, including a processing facility where farmers and other producers in the local area can add value to their produce. Support from professional bodies, including the Land Workers’ Alliance, Wales Co-operative Society and the Plunkett foundation, investors and other interested parties, evidences the potential and conviction of the community group to raise necessary funds and to transform the destiny of Trecadwgan Farm.
For further information please contact: Rupert Dunn (campaign leader) 07955 387614, Gareth Chapman (press liaison) 07900 411952 /