Gone fishing ….. again!

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Willie’s bench is now installed on the quay near Willie’s Shed, both commemorating the life and times of the Solva born fisherman – William Phillips, probably better known as Willie Bach or Will the Fish – who spent his whole life (1934-2018) working in Solva. His last boat, The Vital Spark, was much photographed and painted and will be as well remembered as his blue, three-wheeled Robin Reliant bearing the Will the Fish logo. The seafood business that he and his wife Jan established is now under a new name, Mrs Will the Fish. Local crab and lobster – caught by a new generation of Solva fishermen: Jono Voyce and Kevin Dufton – can be bought daily (9 am – 6 pm), freshly dressed from Parc Benny in Upper Solva. Please contact Jan on 01437 721571 / email mrswillthefish@gmail.com.