Jono made news again!

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And three days later, Jono Made news agagin!

On Thursday May 14 at 1pm St Davids RNLI Tamar class all-weather lifeboat with its volunteer crew, slipped her moorings to go to the aid of a 10 metre fishing vessel, which had suffered total engine failure.
The casualty vessel Zolotoy (Jono’s boat) which had 2 persons onboard, was in position to the south of the Bitches rocks. The lifeboat arrived on scene within 10 minutes, where the crew secured a tow rope to the casualty, and took it under tow to Solva harbour.
After arriving at Solva and making sure that the casualty was safely moored, the lifeboat then returned to St Justinian, arriving back at 2.35pm.