New Years Day Treasure Hunt

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Around 200 brave souls started the Treasure Hunt at Bay
View Stores on 1 st January, hugely cheered by the mince pies and port – thank you Gwyn. We
battled our way through the wind via the Quay, Harbour Inn, and The Ship up to our finishing
point at The George. Thank goodness for the hospitality en route –
thank you to the establishments who kept us fed and watered on
the way. As always, Jimmy and Dai produced a fun and sometimes
frustrating way to spend a few hours. They plan another Treasure
Hunt at the end of August as part of The Edge festival, where
hopefully there will be no confusion about what snowflakes look
like! Over £150 was raised for the Air Ambulance, thank you for the
donations. This year’s winners are The Magnificent Seven…..