Solva Care

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Fundraising and donations
● Community event – Raising the roof for Solva Care and Cystic Fibrosis – Update.
This was an event that brought the community together with lots of audience participation. Anne Hughes Singing for Fun leader – set the tone, engaging with the audience, accompanying the singers and providing lots of fun and entertainment. Mollie Page ran the raffle and knitted the main prize, a large clown! Plus Carol-Ann and Fran, Solva Care Trustees, read some very entertaining poetry.
Thank you to everyone who attended, contributed and raised the awareness of Solva Care and Cystic Fibrosis charities. We raised around £260 in total.
● Solva Care received a donation of £125 from Friends in Harmony from a fundraising concert in the Tabernacle Chapel in St Davids in July.
● At the Thursday coffee morning 18 Oct Solva Days Gone by presented Solva Care with a donation of more than £500 raised at the Reunion in Solva Hall on 29 September.
● We have also had donations from Solva residents.
All donations are very much appreciated – THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Community Event
We are planning a community event in the hall and the date is likely to be 27 November (daytime). There will be talks and info about Direct Payments, Health & Wellbeing etc. and we have invited organisations like the Fire Brigade, Police, National Parks, Paul Sartori and others. We will also be showcasing a bit of what we do at Friday Club. Keep a look out for posters with more details nearer the time.
To Solva Surgery on winning the GP Practice of the Year award and to the Paediatric Acute Care Unit, Withybush General Hospital (Sian Perry and her team) for winning the Early Years Award at the Western Telegraph Health & Care Awards 2018 held at the Withybush Pavilion. Also, “Well done” Helen Platel for competing in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii!
HELP NEEDED to store a wheelchair that we lend to people in Solva. If you have a dry and reasonably clean space please contact Lena on 07805 7171556.