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News: Family Carers
Solva Care currently supports family carers with short respite, pop-in visits, shopping, picking up prescriptions etc. We were thinking of organising a social get together for carers – would this be of interest to any of you? Or have you got any suggestions of other things we could assist with? Suggestions can be emailed to, put in the “Suggestion box” in Solva Memorial Hall; or you can call Lena on 07805 717556.
On Saturday 24 August in Solva Memorial Hall Solva Care is sponsoring “A Light at Sea” event – an afternoon photographic exhibition and evening magic show and talk, celebrating the wondrous marine life of Pembrokeshire. Solva’s magician Tom Luddington and his wife, marine biologist and photographer Lou Luddington have sold their house and are renovating a sailing yacht to sail around the world! The “A light at Sea” is a send-off event and will incorporate award-winning photographs and some seriously good magic. Doors open for the exhibition at 2pm (Free entry). The Magic show and slide-show commences at 7:30pm, entry fee Adults: £7.50, Children £2.50. It is
rumoured that some of Tom’s recent apprentices, from his magic course, may perform as well!
On the subject of entertainment – Solva Care Volunteers helped with transport for people who wanted to watch the YSADS perform of “Megan and the Golden Key”, last week. Highly enjoyed by all. Well done Solva youth.
Also there will be an opportunity to create sculpture at the VC Gallery in Haverfordwest, on Wednesdays at 11am. Please contact Sandra young on 01437 721450 for more information.
Friday Club
On Friday 7 June Helen provided a music quiz for the first session, stimulating cogs of memory, fun and enjoyment. In the second half she took us through movement routines necessary for everyday life. The following Friday Rosita returned with some old favourites – familiar songs chosen out of her extensive repertoire, then Helen expanded and extended her gentle movement reinforcing the previous week’s session. During week three, Christine helped everyone paint a very presentable and creative coaster whilst Carol Ann’s Beetle Drive gave everyone an opportunity to develop and practise a whole range of skills facilitating a platform for networking and conviviality. The Solva Ukulele Pirates along with Brenda’s Line Dancing produced yet another very successfully received session, enjoyable for both band members and audience. Friday Club finished at the end of July with Tony’s Country & Western and will resume in September.
Suggestions for activities would be very welcome. Contact Sandra 01437 721450 or Lena 07805 717556
Final Note: Free to a good home – Lightweight wheelchair (unused) – Kitchen trolley (unused). And a mobility scooter is also available. Contact Lena on 07805 717556.