Solva Care News

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Annual meeting and Celebration Wednesday 10 April in Solva Memorial Hall. All welcome! For those who can’t make it, you can email suggestions to and we are planning to put a suggestion box in the hall. Annual Meeting starts at 5 pm and Celebration with cheese & wine at 6 pm. All welcome. Let Lena Dixon know if you wish to attend (07805 717556).
Mobility scooter and wheelchair
People have kindly donated these items to us. If you could use either of them, please contact
Lena (07805 717556).
Tax free childcare
This is a government scheme that helps working parents with childcare costs. There is also some support available while you study. Visit for more information.
Ready Meals
There’s a company called Parsley Box that delivers very reasonably priced ready meals. Delivery is free and they do not need freezing but keep in the fridge. They have a special introductory offer: 16 meals for £39.99.
Call 0800 612 7225 or visit for a brochure.
Direct payments for social care
If you currently receive Social Care or are thinking that you may do in the near future, you may not know about Direct Payments. Direct Payments may allow you more choice and access to better, or more personalised, care.
Becoming part of a local Care Co-operative
Solva Care would like to hear from you if you are a carer – or thinking about becoming a carer – and are interested in finding out more about being part of a local Care Co-operative.
To find out more on both topics please contact Lesley at Solva Care on 07722 091664 or email
Friday Club
On Friday 5 April St Davids Cathedral Hand bells will be performing for all who wish to see and hear this musical delight. A recent comment by one of the volunteers from the Friday club was “as a volunteer I receive as much joy, fulfillment and fun as the people we serve and help”.