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Solva Precept
Services provided by Solva Community Council will continue to offer excellent
value for money as members of the community council voted keep to the precept
at £20,500 for 2015/16.
The Chair, Community Councillor Jenny Davies said: “During 2015/16 our focus
will be very much on further enhancing the community for our residents. We will
maintain our commitment to grant nearly 20% of the money we raise in the precept
to local organisations.”
Solva Community Council are also planning some additional spending on
community initiatives such as the Gamlyn play park in lower Solva (lead
Community Councillor is Jono Voyce), Solva Care (lead Community Councillor is
Mollie Roach) and the Provision of Youth Services in Solva (lead Community
Councillor is Josh Phillips), as well as providing more funding to improve the
Memorial Hall.
Jenny added: “By managing our budget efficiently we have been able to control
our proposed expenditure and keep it at a sensible level. We are pleased that
despite the challenges for the year ahead, the precept, which is the amount of
money we need to raise through council tax for 2015/16 will remain unchanged. I
am satisfied that we are providing our residents with excellent value for money.”