Solva Community Council

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SCC will meet on Wednesday 5 June at 6.30pm in the Memorial Hall. Items on the agenda:
▪ Dog Fouling – Enforcement officers debate
▪ Action Plan to reduce Solva’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2030
▪ PCC Community Development Project (Transfer of Non-Statutory Services)
▪ Solva Community Land Trust
▪ Solva Community Tourism Initiative
▪ Community Crime Watch Scheme
▪ Memorial Benches – Motion to use PCNPA benches in car park
▪ Solva Logo competition
▪ Play & Skate Parks
▪ AFC project
▪ Solva Path Project
▪ Finance report
▪ Planning applications
▪ Local concerns
Members of the local community who wish to attend. Please inform SCC Clerk Bruce Payne on 07890 987259.