Solva Intergenerational path project

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Discussions with land owners are ongoing but the Community Council is optimistic that a suitable route can be established that will be wheelchair friendly and allow users to travel from the top of the village to the bottom in a safe way.
Memorial Cross
Options are being explored to create views through from the cross to the sea. Long-standing members of our community remember when the slope down to the sea was tree free and covered with flowers in the spring. We are not
trying to recreate that landscape as time has moved on and the trees that have grown and achieved maturity are valued by the village and the rooks.
We do believe, however, that by thinning out some of the immature trees, and lopping branches that are so low that they touch the slope and become diseased, a vista could be created that would allow visitors to see down into the harbour, and, looking up, see the cross. A vital visual connection could be restored.