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PCNPA is proposing to hand over control of the the
lower Solva car park to PCC, who are considering
installing ticket machines!
SCC have run the car park successfully for 2 years and
the outcome for Solva, if the changes take place, is
traffic chaos and possible lack of income for the village.
Your support is essential in order to maintain the
running of the car park by SCC. Please read on…
Solva Community Council has submitted a business proposal to Pembrokeshire Coast National
Park Authority for their continued management and operation of the car park in lower Solva.
Disappointingly, Tegryn Jones, the Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority
has responded with the following quote “I do not consider that there is any reason why charging
using pay and display would not be appropriate in Solva”.
Solva Business Group and Solva Boat Owners Association have already
raised their joint concern with the Chief Executive’s uninformed position.
The Chair of Solva Community Council is also writing and will challenge a
National Park plan to hand over the control of Solva car park to Pembrokeshire
County Council. If you would like to have your say about “pay and display” and
the benefits we bring to operating the car park, please email Mr Tegryn Jones
and copy in Bruce Payne (SCC Clerk) at: and cc
Please join the on-going debate on-line at the Solvanews facebook page.