“Solva Remembers” “Solfach yn Cofio”

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The events in the village that led up to Remembrance Sunday’s service at the cenotaph have been phenomenal.
Commemorative services were held throughout the year in and around Solva, remembering those lost in battle. Exhibitions were staged simultaneously to bring to life the events that occurred a hundred years ago. Finally on Saturday 10 November groups, societies, clubs and individuals created a special event in the Memorial Hall with drama, music and poetry to demonstrate that Solva did indeed remember. Thanks must go to 14th Signal Regiment,
Bay View Stores, Capel Ucha, Mamgu’s Welshcakes, SADS & YSADS, Solva Care Friday Club, Solva Community Council, Solva Community Cinema Club, Solva Craft Group, Solva Heritage Society, Solva Women’s Institute, Solva Youth Club, The Church in Wales and numerous individuals who worked tirelessly to make everything come together. Thank you.