Solva Rowing Club

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Lovely rowing!
A team from Solva Rowing and Water sports Club took part in London’s river marathon – The Great River Race – on Saturday 8 September.
The course from Millwall, on the Isle of Dogs, to Ham, near Richmond, is rowed with the tide, but this year’s competitors had to battle a strong wind against them for much of the 21.6 miles. More than 300 boats took part from around the UK and Europe. The spectacle illustrates the intergenerational appeal of rowing for all ages.
Solva Rowing Lovelies – aka The Ladies and the Tramp – had rowed together only a couple of times prior to the event, after a hand injury ruled out one of the original members. They completed the course with just enough energy to lift the boat out before the tide turned… and lift a pint or two!
Anyone who would like to try rowing is welcome to come down to the quay on club night – Thursday from 6 pm. Evening sessions are drawing to a close at this time of year, but there will be an end of season bash with a row – possibly a race – followed by drinks and nibbles in the Ship Inn, on Friday 5 October from 5.30 pm.