Solva Tourist Association – Solva Logo Competition

Please enter banners and links.

Today we are launching a competition to design a logo for Solva. The new logo will be used on all Solva Tourist Association literature, a new Solva tourism app and anything else that needs the logo. The designer of the winning logo will receive a £60 M&S voucher.
We’re looking for something that reflects our community and has a simple, modern but relevant theme, which also incorporates the view of the harbour.
○ This is an amateur competition
○ We are looking for an original design
○ Must include the word “Solva” in both English and Welsh
○ Must include a view of Solva harbour
○ Your submissions should be on an A4 size paper and should be big enough to allow the judges to clearly see what
is represented (with explanatory notations if you like) and capable of still being clear when reduced in size to
approx. 3.5 x 2.5 cm.
○ You can submit as many designs as you wish and entries are encouraged from all ages
Please send your submission(s) labelled with your name, email address and telephone number to Bruce Payne (SCC Clerk) either by post (c/o Bay View Stores) or scanned and emailed to by Monday 6 May. Winner will be announced on Monday 20 May.