St Davids Pollinator Trail

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The value of insect pollination to UK agriculture is over £430 million each year and it would cost us £1.8 billion each year if we had to do the job ourselves! Yet, due to loss of habitat and the overuse of pesticides, our pollinators are in severe decline.
There are now many fantastic initiatives to educate people about the importance of pollinators and what we can do to help them: Welsh Government’s Bee Friendly, Buglife’s Bee Lines and Heritage Lottery funded Polli:Nation to name just a few! The Bug Farm is the leading partner on a new and exciting project called The St Davids Pollinator Trail. Working with Welsh artists, scientists and communicators, a “station” will be created at each business, or area of habitat to showcase the wonderful world of insect pollinators and the importance of wild flower habitat
in supporting them. An interactive trail, with map and spotter guide will take people and pollinators from station to station. For further information: