Thursday Coffee Morning

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A reminder that coffee, tea, biscuits (and sometimes home-made cakes) are always available on Thursday mornings 10.30 – 12 noon in Solva Memorial Hall. In addition to a warm welcome there is also a mini lending library. We have
a good stock of all types of fiction including crime, thrillers and detective stories which are very popular.
Some large type editions are also available. The nonfiction section covers some excellent reference books,
animals, birds, gardening, travel, poetry etc plus many interesting biographies. For anyone interested in
taking up knitting we have lots of patterns and some sizes of needles. Also a few dress patterns. All these
things are so expensive these days that this is a good opportunity to practise free of charge. In April the
coffee morning will have been welcoming residents and visitors for 15 years, so come and join us – the
team: Tom, Naomi, Celia, Christine, Pat, Moira, Ann, Myra, Lynne, Janet, Jayne and CA. All welcome.