Solva Care background information

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Solva Care Background Information

Evidence from the community survey in 2013 indicated the number of elderly people in Solva is increasing. Many of these older people rely on the domiciliary care service they receive; however, they are concerned with issues such as quality and continuity of care in their own home as well as the timing and time carers are on the ground for. Previous evidence collected in1998 and 2008 reinforces these key facts and shows that little progress has been made to address the growing problem.

The full Solva Care Project intends to address these areas and improve the health and well-being of our aging population and provide care packages at a variety of levels according to need. Solva Care also aims to provide respite cover. This would be available to family members who provide their own unpaid fulltime care to someone who needs to live as well as possible with illness, disability or age. Solva Care would come into your home and take over that care for a few hours so you can go out or have some time to yourself.

We want to provide a Solva Solution for Solva Care delivered by Solva people.

So we hope that over the next few years we will see a significant change in how care services are delivered in our community. Solva Care will ensure the voice of people in Solva contributes to how domiciliary care services are provided in the future.