Your ideas could change education in Pembrokeshire

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Paul Miller
Working for the people of Pembrokeshire

Five weeks ago, I recalled the proposed education changes in Pembrokeshire, giving us a chance to rethink them. However, I’m not the kind of person who thinks just saying no is enough, I want to help shape the debate about how we can get the best education for our children.

If you haven’t booked a place at our education ‘hackathon’ meeting this Friday at 6:30pm at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre then click here, we’re nearly at full capacity.

I’ve had lots of people ask me what a ‘hackathon’ is and to be honest, it’s a stupid name. Basically, it’s what big technology companies started doing a few years ago to get lots of people involved in finding solutions to problems by harnessing the power of all those interested. I’ve borrowed it because I want to attract those not scared of something new, those who want to be a part of shaping a better future for our children and for Pembrokeshire. It’s also how I believe we will get the best results – by using all our knowledge, not the old ‘three men in a smoke filled room’ deciding what is best for us.

I want to spark real debate and ideas and so I’m including some resources here that might help you before you attend (think of it as non-essential homework). And if you can’t attend then I still think it’s important we all have the information to keep the debate going.

Reading up

Education Council Meeting – agenda
Successful Futures Report – report
Council’s Masterplan – executive summary
Stakeholder group consultation – report
Estyn inspections – website
Pembrokeshire College – annual review
Further links, which I will add to as we go are available at my website here.

I hope you can make it and I hope we can do something different.