Ysgol Solfach Governing Body

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At the beginning of December Ysgol Solfach received an unexpected phone call from Estyn who announced they would be inspecting the school on the 12th of January. New Estyn protocols provide only 4 weeks notice of inspection and a school can be inspected at any time, whereas previously it was normally every six years.
Christmas is a busy time for the school but the head teacher and staff ensured that normal festivities went ahead while the self-assessment report was submitted. Over the Christmas holiday period staff and governors worked hard to make sure everything was in place ahead of the start of the inspection on the 2nd week of the Spring Term.
The week was challenging and the outcome wasn’t positive as a number of issues were identified, specifically relating to planning and improving standards. As a result, and in accordance with the Education Act 2005, Estyn was of the opinion that special measures are required in relation to this school. The school has drawn up an action plan, which shows how it is going to address the recommendations. Estyn will monitor the school’s progress on a termly basis. There are 8 recommendations which all staff and governors began working towards almost immediately with progress already being made.
It wasn’t all bad news as the inspection team identified that the school is a caring community, which places great emphasis on its values. Its ethos reflects the good working relationship between staff, pupils and parents. Nearly all pupils behave consistently well. They are courteous towards each other and adults and demonstrate caring attitudes and respect for others. The school is a caring and welcoming community where staff place a high emphasis on the well being of their pupils.
There are challenges ahead but the governing body has a clear plan which develops the areas identified. We are delighted that the pupils good behaviour and the school’s strong caring ethos was recognised, as it reflects the community which supports the school. If anyone would like to discuss the inspection or feels they can offer support to the school or governing body they are encouraged to speak to any of the governors.