Solva Surgery Opening hours (Easter/May BHs)

Solva Surgery Opening hours for Easter/May bank holidays:

Friday 25th March (Good Friday) CLOSED
Saturday 26th March CLOSED
Sunday 27th March CLOSED
Monday 28th March (Easter Monday) CLOSED
Tuesday 29th March Usual Opening Hours
Monday 2nd May (May BH) CLOSED
Tuesday 3rd May Usual Opening Hours
Monday 30th May (Spring BH) CLOSED
Tuesday 31st May Usual Opening Hours

In an EMERGENCY – Please telephone 01437 721306

Repeat Prescription Requests: Please note we require at least 48 hours notice to process orders for repeat prescriptions.
Repeat Prescription number is 01437 720644

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Young SADS

Calling all YSADS

There will be a meeting in Solva Memorial Hall on April 13th at 4 o’clock to discuss the summer YSADS production. If you are interested please come along. Performance dates are July 14th, 15th and 16th but those taking part will need to be available for rehearsals Wednesday and Sunday afternoons and free for most of the week July 10th – 17th.

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Newsletter Survival

At a meeting of the Solva Memorial Hall Management Committee last night, it was decided to donate the money from the Duck race tickets to the Solva Newsletter cause, with a minimum guarantee of £500. Please buy more duck tickets – many thanks!

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Football Club Funding Meeting

Solva Community Council and the Football Club cordially invite you to attend a meeting on Tuesday 15th March 2016 in the Football Club at 7:00p.m.

The meeting will look at the building improvements required to best provide modern facilities for social, educational and recreational activities for all ages.

Your help is needed to find out what needs to be done – the meeting will hopefully include representatives from:

Football Club
Community Council
Art Group
Craft Club
Youth Club
Solva Care
Local community
Funding will also be discussed.

We look forward to seeing you on the 15th March

Thank you

Bruce Payne
Clerk to Solva Community Council
07890 987259

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The newsletter has run for eight years (89 issues) and is a unique and
innovative approach to community engagement and interaction, not only on
our peninsula but countywide.
Due to increasing financial pressures on the Community Council, with an increase in their remit regarding maintenance, coupled with a conscious
decision to maintain youth provision within our community, SCC will likely have to cease the monthly publication of the newsletter.
Production costs run at around £5,000 per annum. SCC felt as a council that it would not be appropriate or financially prudent for them to increase the precept in order to maintain the newsletter, as they felt the financial burden would not be fair or equitable for local residents. This coupled with the loss of funds from the lower car park, the choice was either to continue youth provision or to maintain the newsletter. However, a number of opportunities are available to maintain it and the process of seeking out funding for such initiatives is under way. One problem is that funds for the current year
are already employed elsewhere. So, at best, if funding is found, it would not start till 2017.
SCC has already had a pledge from Solva Care to provide funding amounting to over £1,000 for the current year and they have no doubt there are many community groups and organisations that also recognise the value of the newsletter. It is hoped amongst the 60+ Businesses, 30+ organisations and 500+ distributions to raise funds to secure the newsletter’s viable future, not only for the coming year but as a sustainable means for the future, with perhaps larger memberships placing an annual donation. Please email Josh Phillips, Chair SCC for pledges and more information at and for donations please send to Bruce Payne, SCC Clerk, Simpson Hill Farm, Old Nolton Road, Simpson Cross, Haverfordwest SA62 6ET or contact him on on 07890 987259 email Thank you Josh Phillips, Chair SCC.

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From the Editor

From the Editor
If, and it is a big if, the newsletter is to cease publication it is only fitting to thank all the people who have been involved with it – Jill Iles, Tony Rees, Jean Reed, Ifor Thomas, Sandra Young, Mo Bland, Mollie Roach, Wendy Wright, Joe Griffin, Brenda Lloyd, Judy & James Pollock, Claire Davies, Tomos Waters, Jane Wilde, Peter Shea, Heidi & Solomon Holland. Plus all at Bay View Stores, Cleddau Press and all the contributors – Many thanks.
But, if it is to continue, you now know the people who have worked so hard to get it to you!

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Duck Race

EASTER MONDAY DUCK RACE – 28th March at 3.00 pm
Tickets NOW ON SALE at: Bay View Stores, No. 35, Royal George, Ship Inn, Harbour Inn, Window on Wales and SMHMC members.

This is a major fund raiser for Solva Memorial Hall. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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