Make Solva “Sparkle”

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Thanks to all of you who are already planning your Advent windows. There is no limit to the number of windows so here is a reminder of the requirements.
○ The window needs to be visible from the road (can be upstairs).
○ The theme can be religious or festive.
○ Ideally the window will be lit from 5pm to 10pm each day.
○ The window will need to have a back light – may be on a timer.
○ Choose a date on which you would like to start to light your window (any between 1st & 24th Dec).
○ Make sure you incorporate that date into the design (as in an advent calendar – see above).
We would like many more houses to take part and as many children to be involved as possible. Please let Lena (07805 717556) or Carol Ann (07970 614233) know your details and date of choice so that we can make a map available to people who would like to do an Advent Trail of “SPARKLING SOLVA”.